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Legislation to Enhance Airport Security Introduced

By Anthony Kimery, Editor-in-Chief HSToday
Special for In Homeland Security

Two bipartisan bills to enhance airport security measures and ensure funding is spent in a cost-effective manner by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have been introduced by Rep. John Katko (R-NY), a former 20-year prosecutor who is the new chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee’s Subcommittee on Transportation Security.

Eyes on US Contractors: Widening Naval Contractor Scandal

Brett Daniel Shehadey
Special Contributor for In Homeland Security

“Fat Leonard” (Leonard Glenn Francis of Glenn Defense Marine Asia) was arrested early this September for using intelligence-like methods, recruited moles within the Department of the Navy, inflated estimates, defrauding the government and bribing high level commanders upwards of $200 million cash, prostitutes and other favors.

The services Fat Leonard provided were port services for the US Pacific Fleet.

Singapore Warns of Terrorist Threat to Malacca Strait

By William Tucker
Earlier today the Singapore Shipping Agency stated that terrorists are looking to attack oil tankers and other ships of significant value transiting the Malacca Strait. The warning was issued by the Singapore Navy Fusion Centre when they “received an indication that a terrorist group is planning attacks on oil tankers in the Malacca Straits.” The report goes on to say that, “This does not preclude possible attacks on other large vessels with dangerous cargo.”
Threats to shipping in the Malacca Strait are not new, nor are these threats solely in the domain of terrorism.