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Eyes on US Contractors: Widening Naval Contractor Scandal

Brett Daniel Shehadey
Special Contributor for In Homeland Security

“Fat Leonard” (Leonard Glenn Francis of Glenn Defense Marine Asia) was arrested early this September for using intelligence-like methods, recruited moles within the Department of the Navy, inflated estimates, defrauding the government and bribing high level commanders upwards of $200 million cash, prostitutes and other favors.

The services Fat Leonard provided were port services for the US Pacific Fleet.

China’s Position on North Korea

By William Tucker

Washington has decided to postpone an intercontinental ballistic missile test at Vandenberg Air Force Base this week due to tensions with North Korea. It may seem a strange move considering the assets the U.S. had made available for the recent war games with South Korea, but it is logical. Any deployment of military hardware to South Korea that seemed out of the norm could easily be sent under the guise of the war games, but a ballistic missile test could easily be mistaken as an overt provocative measure.

U.S. Increases Presence in Korea

By William Tucker

The U.S. has been steadily increasing its military presence on the Korean Peninsula as of late. Though some of the earlier deployments were related to the joint U.S.-South Korean War games, it is the recent deployment of heavy bombers, stealth aircraft, and naval assets with missile defense capabilities that have drawn the most scrutiny.

Iran Fires on U.S. Drone

By William Tucker Pentagon spokesman George Little recently stated that Iranian aircraft recently fired on a U.S. predator drone operating in international waters near the Kuwaiti-Iranian border. The unmanned aircraft came under fire as it was conducting a routine surveillance mission in the crowded area of the northern Persian Gulf by two Su-25 Frogfoot fighter aircraft operated by the Iran Revolutionary Guard Air Force.

Examining China’s Amphibious Capabilities

By William Tucker China’s growing naval capabilities have garnered concern in U.S. defense circles – not to mention that of U.S. allies in East Asia – over the past decade and a half as Beijing has sought to expand its influence and territorial control in the waters bordering Southeast Asia. As if to accentuate the concern, China has been aggressively challenging its neighbors over disputed islands in the East and South China Seas.

F-22 Deployment Augments U.S. Military in Persian Gulf

By William Tucker Over the past few months the U.S. military has placed numerous assets across the Persian Gulf region. Among the deployments are the regular positioning of two aircraft carriers, a doubling of minesweeping vessels, new missile systems, and now the deployment of F-22 and F-15C fighter aircraft to the Al Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates. The announcement of the F-22 deployment set off a firestorm of speculation.