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Central African Republic Government Falls to Rebels


By William Tucker

Despite agreeing to a peace deal only a few weeks ago, the Seleka rebels moved on CAR’S capital Bangui and seized power. Ousted President Francois Bozize has reportedly fled to neighboring Cameroon, while the African Union imposed sanctions on the Seleka leaders. Seleka rebel leader Michel Djotodia has publically stated that he is in power and will institute a peace agreement that will lead to elections in three years. In the meantime, Djotodia has said that the existing power sharing agreement will remain in place. Because of CAR’s tumultuous history of governance, Djotodia’s word will likely leave many wanting, however. Some rebel leaders have already stated that they do not recognize Djotodia’s legitimacy and have threatened to attack his faction. The situation in Bangui is tense and will require further monitoring.