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Clashes Between Libyan Militias


By William Tucker

Two Libyan militia groups exchanged gunfire in Tripoli yesterday killing four and wounding five. The firefight began when a militia from Misrata tried to free several prisoners held in the former intelligence headquarters building of the Gaddafi regime. In response, the military council of Zawiya street returned fire disrupting the Misratan operation. Fighting between armed rebel groups in Tripoli has been a profound fear of the interim NTC government as they have not been able to disarm the militia, nor have they been able to create a proper military to replace them. Unfortunately, if the NTC doesn’t take more concrete action in matters of governance it is possible that violence could return to haunt the North African country. Holding elections are an important aspect of any emerging democratic government; however the bureaucratic functions of the state cannot be put on hold while these elections take place.