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Drone Technology Creating Exciting Career Opportunities


By Dr. Robert Gordon
Program Director, Reverse Logistics Management at American Public University

The Federal Aviation Administration has released new rules governing drones and related technology. A career that involves drone technology is worth considering, especially since the new FAA rules are expected to create 100,000 new jobs in this field.

Drone Piloting: A Growing Employment Field

For example, drone piloting is poised to be a growth area when it comes to jobs. The FAA issued licenses to thousands of organizations to operate drones commercially. Each of these organizations will need at least one trained drone pilot. Many startups will also be part of this drone revolution.

Two Current Clear Paths to Careers in Drone Technology

There are currently two clear paths to a career in drone technology; others may come in the future. First, there are the FAA guidelines and training requirements to become a commercial drone pilot. In addition, prospective pilots must pass a test on their practical and theoretical ability to pilot a drone.

Second, beyond drone pilots, the industry will require entrepreneurs, engineers, IT and transportation and logistics professionals. Clearly, anyone with a degree in these fields plus some practical knowledge about drones will certainly have the requirements to land a job in the drone technology field. If this field continues to expand, universities will likely add courses in drone technology to their curriculums.

Drone Use Still Evolving

Drones are a new area of knowledge that has not fully matured. At present, it is probably easier to learn about drones through military service.

But if the current trend continues, drones will evolve for commercial use. It remains unclear what form commercial drones will take. Delivery drones might resemble military drones.

Whatever the new and different applications of drones and drone-related technology will be, they will require a different mindset and a different view regarding how to make drone technology commercially successful. An innovative and entrepreneurial spirit will help grow drone technology into new and yet unexplored fields.

About the Author

Dr. Robert Gordon has 25 years of professional experience in supply chain and human resources. Robert has earned a Doctorate of Management and Organizational Leadership, an MBA and a B.A. in History. He has authored over 100 published articles, including five books covering a variety of business topics.