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Podcast: America’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program

Podcast: America’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program


By Glynn Cosker
Managing Editor, In Homeland Security

In the video podcast below, I talk to U.S. Air Force veteran Dr. Monique Maldonado about the current state of the U.S. Military’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program – which has seen some ups and downs this week, and during the past 20 years. Dr. Maldonado offers a detailed analysis of the F-35 program’s past, present and future. You can read some excerpts from Dr. Maldonado below the video.



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Design and Technology

“The capabilities are so unmatched … the F-35 is mainly known for its stealth mode and its low-observable features … the fighter can evade or obscure the enemy’s ability to find or attempt to destroy the F-35, and it does this using a mixture of design and technology tactics – which makes it so amazing to work with.” – Dr. Monique Maldonado.

F-35: Real-Time Information on Pilot’s Helmet Visor

“The F-35 also has a helmet-mounted display system which provides pilots with situational awareness – all the data that they need to operate this jet is all located in the helmet; information such as airspeed, altitude, targeting, and warnings – all of this is projected in the helmet’s visor, making it one the most unique systems within the jet. It also has a distributed aperture system that releases real-time imagery from six different infrared cameras that are located within the jet.” – Dr. Monique Maldonado.

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“It’s known that the F-35 has experienced many software challenges … and the budget has been astronomical… and, there is no doubt that Congress and taxpayers have had negative things to say about the F-35 based on this because challenges cost money … I think they’ll have these types of problems for at least a couple more years, but once all of the kinks are straightened out, I think there won’t be a problem in the end.” – Dr. Monique Maldonado.

The Future of the F-35

“I see some really good things for this jet … I think this is going to be the greatest aircraft we’ve ever seen in American history.” – Dr. Monique Maldonado.

About Dr. Monique Maldonado

U.S. Air Force veteran Dr. Monique Maldonado is founder and CEO of MD Educational Consulting Firm and associate professor of School of Security and Global Studies at American Military University. As a security management expert, Monique served as Chief of Special Security and Enlisted Military Assistant to the U.S. Defense Secretary and assistant to the Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Agency Director. She holds a bachelor’s in homeland security studies (AMU), a master’s in criminal justice (Boston University), and Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration (Walden University).