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Gaddafi’s Forces Still Fighting in Libya


By William Tucker

Forces working on behalf of the National Transitional Council in Libya were ambushed in the northern town of Bani Walid resulting in the death of seven soldiers and the wounding of ten more. Other rebel forces were attacked near an oil refinery not far from the city of Ras Lanuf. Although the rebels have taken the capital of Tripoli, the possibility of a protracted insurgency by pro-Gaddafi forces has been looming large. News reports have indicated that members of Gaddafi’s family have left Libya and taken refuge in neighboring Algeria, but the whereabouts of the Colonel are unknown. Several western intelligence services have suggested that Gaddafi is still in Libya trying to rally forces still loyal to him; however the size of such a force is unknown. The situation in Libya is still fluid in several areas making the likelihood of an insurgency a very real indeed.