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Hezbollah Targeted by Car Bomb


By William Tucker

Approximately 53 people were injured this morning when a car bomb detonated in Lebanon’s Beir el-Abed area – a well known Hezbollah stronghold. Though no claim of responsibility has been made, speculation in the media has pointed to Syrian rebels who are looking to retaliate against Hezbollah’s involvement in the Syrian civil war. This is certainly a possibility, however local Lebanese cannot be ruled out either. Violence in Lebanon has been fluctuating as the Syrian civil war drags on and simply pinning this on Syrian rebels is premature. Granted, some rebel movements in Syria have threatened to target Hezbollah in Lebanon, but direct operations beyond Syria may present a challenge to some groups. Al-Qaeda affiliated groups like Al Nusrah may have the capabilities to carryout such an attack, but it seems more likely that a movement with roots in both Syria and Lebanon may have been involved. This is a rather significant development that will be worth monitoring as the conflicts continue.