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Inside the Terrorist Mind – Live Webcast


American Military University will be hosting a live webcast on March 17 that will explore the the terrorist mind. This is a difficult topic and is certainly controversial both inside and out of academic circles. This will certainly be webcast you don’t want to miss.
After the attack of September 11th, the United States has spent billions of dollars to analyze and dissolve terrorist groups on a global scale. However, to be able to track down organizations such as Al Qaeda, one must understand the complexity of an individual’s motivation to join. With the multitude of terrorist cells in the world, how do the United States and counterterrorist organizations classify these combatants in the context of their radical ideologies?
Join American Military University for an in-depth analysis of the terrorist mind and how the culture of terrorism fits into the rest of the civilized world. Our panelists will cover topics including:
Root causes of terrorism
Variations and history of terrorism
Views on why individuals join
The complexity of motivation
Where do we go from here?

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