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Libya Suffers Massive Prison Break


By William Tucker

Media outlets are reporting that some 120 inmates of the al-Judaida prison in Tripoli escaped yesterday. Details of how the escape happened have not been publically released, but suspicion has fallen on a mix of causes including insufficient security and rampant militancy. Libyan officials did say that half of those who escaped have been recaptured, though. The nationality and ethnicity of the al-Judaida prison inmates is quite diverse, and so too are the offenses for which they are incarcerated. Essentially, it is difficult to say that this prison break was orchestrated by a militia or other militant group attempting to secure the release of its members. Although that is a distinct possibility it is just too early to tell. The prison break does highlight the problems within Libya’s government and its ability to function in all vital sectors. This does not bode well for the country as it nears the first anniversary of Gaddafi’s ouster.