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Message to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: Ready for the New US Bunker-Buster Trials?


By Dr. Terry Simmons
In Homeland Security Contributor

It is increasingly being floated in American foreign policy publications that serious preparations are underway to possibly execute a plan to eliminate Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi—the new Caliph Ibrahim of Islamic State (“IS”). It has to be assumed that IS has decent intelligence and is aware of this possibility. Osama bin Laden lived under the same CT planning scenario threat matrix.

The usual delivery system might be a drone loaded with superior optics and an array of sophisticated ordinance controlled by an advanced ISR platform support satellite. As IS is being defined as a sophisticated evolution of al-Qaida, it represents an old foe very familiar to the Department of Defense and the U.S. Intelligence Community. As the new al-Qaida lieutenant Nasir al-Wuhhayshi in Yemen and 12 of his followers learned a few months ago, it’s best to keep one’s head down and resist undue celebrations especially in the open and at night—when American eyes dilate to full optimum.

Then come the press stories (WSJ and Israel Times for example) concerning American bunker-buster weapons originally designed for use as extreme penetrators to seek and destroy Iranian research and defense installations buried deep underground in places like Isfahan and Fordow in Iran; these weapons have now advanced into the Massive Ordnance Penetrator or a 30,000 pound MOP, according to various news sources, with enormously enhanced destructive power and upgraded technical capabilities to guarantee target acquisition and penetration success.

As American and NATO patience wanes quickly with IS and Ibrahim, enhanced by the black propaganda campaign tools of culturally repugnant decapitations, it seems entirely possible that the latest test subjects of the new American technology may have found its testing guinea-pig, so to speak. This is pure speculation, but it would be a logical and sequential response to the increasingly provocative threat matrix being perpetuated by the radical Islamist regime in Syria and Iraq. Extreme terror generates extreme responses, if the past is a reliable indicator.

If one deals in potentialities, it would make sense to burrow deeply to avoid such a fate. The question is: When attempting to avoid payback, can one burrow deeply enough? If being pursued by a technologically driven superior predator with extreme motivational prejudice, is escape a fantasy not rooted in possibility? It might be interesting to be a witness to those trials. An interested party is Vice President Joseph Biden who recently declared that the American government would pursue the perpetrators of the heinous punishments recently meted out against two American political journalists in a most public and dastardly fashion, as reaping the following response: “We will pursue you to the gates of hell.”

This sounds purposeful and determined by a longtime Middle East practitioner not given to hyperbole. It would appear that serious burrowing is indeed called for. The decapitation of the new leader of Islamic State and the short life of his Caliphate Islamic State might be considered apropos for waking and provoking the sleeping American giant in such an uncivilized fashion. I’ll let you be the judge.

One historical lesson administered by the United States of America has consistently been: Mess with America – pay the price. A recent example was made by President Barack Obama regarding Estonia: Don’t even think of messing with Estonia!” Examples are plentiful from Germany, Japan, Korea, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The point is made.

Boisterous? Sabre rattling? Empty threats? I think not. Is Obama the pussy cat he is portrayed as? Again, I think not. Is Barack Obama not given due credit for his stealth modality and acumen in dealing with Extreme Jihad? Did we forget who finally cornered and disposed of the repugnant Osama bin Laden? I would ask instead: Are we just six weeks from the midterm elections?