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New Study on Yemen Published


By William Tucker
The Development Leadership Program has published a timely new study on the political crisis in Yemen. The study, entitled Yemen: Developmental Dysfunction and Division in a Crisis State, does a good job in qualitatively analyzing the political structure of Yemeni President Saleh’s regime and the governments decision making process. One of the most interesting points in the study is the differing view of the political environment in Yemen. Those described as political elites do not particularly see a crisis while the opposition expressed far more concern. While this doesn’t sound out of the ordinary, it is telling as Yemen is facing a water crisis and oil production has slowed down significantly. Truth be told I didn’t care much for the conclusion of the study as I feel it would have been better to leave it out and publish that information as a separate policy paper in the near future. I recommend this study for any student of the region as a good way to understanding politics in Yemen. You can view the document here.