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Ray of Light Shines Down on Grave During Wreaths Across America


By Glynn Cosker
Editor, In Homeland Security

During the annual Wreaths Across America event at Arlington National Cemetery, I took dozens of photographs. My goal in doing so was to record the sights of a humbling and fulfilling morning while assisting American Military University (AMU) with their trucks of fresh pine wreaths.

One photo, which I took as I was leaving the cemetery, caught my attention:

Ray of Light Grave Arlington National Cemetery Wreaths Across America
A ray of light beams down on a single grave during Wreaths Across America at Arlington National Cemetery on Dec. 13, 2014

The beauty of the crisp cold day is captured by the hundreds of graves with wreaths. However, a ray of light is beaming down on one particular grave.

The grave belongs to a person named Temple Thomas. I’m not sure of which branch of service Thomas served in, but it got me to wondering about this person and if his family or friends might appreciate seeing this photo. Unfortunately, I don’t know Thomas’ birthdate or the day of his death.

Light deserves to shine down on every grave in the cemetery for the honorable persons interred there, each and every headstone warrants illumination.

I’ll let readers of this blog decide what the light on Thomas’ grave signifies. For now, if you knew Temple Thomas or you know his family, or you are his family—this picture is for you.