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Secret Service Captures Another White House Fence Jumper


By Glynn Cosker
Editor, In Homeland Security

A man scaled and jumped the fence surrounding the White House Wednesday for the seventh time this year, but this time the intruder was quickly apprehended by Secret Service dogs and agents.

K-9 units forced the man to the ground on the North Lawn. NBC news reports a video was taken at around 7.30 p.m. EST of the man attempting to subdue the dogs before being arrested by Secret Service agents.

Wednesday’s intruder comes on the heels of an embarrassing report released by the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security that outlined an incident in 2011 when Secret Service agents were reassigned from the White House to an agent’s residence.

U.S. Army veteran Omar Gonzalez scaled the White House fence Sept. 19 and made it all the way into the White House. It later transpired that he was armed with a serrated knife. That breach in protocol resulted in the resignation of the agency’s director, Julia Pierson. It’s unclear if any newly introduced protocols made for the quick apprehension of this evening’s fence jumper.

The Associated Press gave further details:

Video of the incident Wednesday night taken by TV news cameras shows a man in white shorts just inside the White House fence on Pennsylvania Avenue. The video shows the man lifting his shirt as if to show agents that he has no weapons. The man is then seen kicking and punching two Secret Service dogs that were released on him.

President Obama was in the White House while events transpired on the North Lawn.