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By William Tucker The U.S. has undertaken a series of airlifts to support French combat troops in the landlocked nation of Mali. Although many European nations have capable militaries, they often rely on the U.S. to do much of the heavy logistical lifting. U.S. capabilities in moving heavy equipment by air into some of the most remote areas on earth is unparalleled.
By William Tucker On Friday, January 11th, French military forces were thrust into the midst of the Malian conflict in response to a recent Islamist offensive that was driving south. The Islamist offensive initially assaulted the central city of Mopti, and the nearby city of Sevare – which hosts the Mopti airport – before becoming bogged down. Rather than fight a protracted battle with the Malian military and risk heavy losses...
By William Tucker In an attempt to stem the flow of people illegally transiting Libyan territory and the rather robust black market activities, the Parliament in Tripoli has ordered the borders with Sudan, Chad, Niger, and Algeria to be temporarily closed. Furthermore, the southern regions of Ghadames, Ghat, Obari, Al-Shati, Sebha, Murzuq and Kufra would be "considered as closed military zones to be ruled under emergency law."

By Aaron Richman
Tam-C native Arab language miners have come across a threat made by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) on Algeria and Morocco.