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France Enters Malian Fray

By William Tucker On Friday, January 11th, French military forces were thrust into the midst of the Malian conflict in response to a recent Islamist offensive that was driving south. The Islamist offensive initially assaulted the central city of Mopti, and the nearby city of Sevare – which hosts the Mopti airport – before becoming bogged down. Rather than fight a protracted battle with the Malian military and risk heavy losses...

Islamists Move South in Mali

By William Tucker The Malian army has stated that Islamists who seized much of northern Mali last year – along with several Tuareg groups – have begun moving south towards Mopti. The city of Mopti sits astride the Niger river and lays in the narrow region that separates the north of Mali from the south. Currently, the Malian army controls the majority of this chokepoint.

Malian Rebel Groups Merge, Declare Independence

By William Tucker Two rebel groups that participated in the effort to seize northern Mali in the midst of a military coup in the capital of Bamako have signed a formal agreement that merges the two groups into one governing entity. The Tuareg group, the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA), and the Ansar Dine, an affiliate of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Mahgreb, signed the accord in Timbuktu.