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By William Tucker
Chief Correspondent for In Homeland Security

At approximately 10:30 in Egypt this morning a large blast occurred outside the residence of Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammed Ibrahim. Ibrahim was unharmed in the attack, but the Minister did say that several members of his security detail were injured as well as a number of bystanders.

By William Tucker Sakine Cansiz, and two other Kurdish nationalists, were killed this morning at a Kurdish information center in Paris. Cansiz was a rather well known figure in the Kurdish community, but was best known for her role in founding the Kurdish nationalist militant group Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan (PKK) – also known as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.
By William Tucker Shifting through North Korean news can be at once torturous and humorous. On the one hand, international concern over the upcoming rocket launch has come to dominate headlines, but this news is coming on the heels of the reported discovery of a unicorn lair and the mistaken thought that a U.S. publication had seriously spent time extolling the physical virtues of Kim Jong-un.
By William Tucker General Abdullah Mahmoud al-Khalidi of the Syrian air force was reportedly assassinated by the Free Syrian Army late Monday along with a ranking official in air force intelligence. The sources for this information are Syrian state television and the FSA. These killings occurred during the continued fighting across the country in spite of a recent ceasefire. Of course, a violation of the ceasefire was bound to happen.
By William Tucker Analyzing the words spoken by political officials can be tricky business, and for the most part, they mean very little without some form of action taking place. That is, rhetoric is just rhetoric until it manifests into something actionable. A case in point is the recent claimed attempt by the Syrian Free Army to assassinate several members of Syrian President Bashir al-Assad’s cabinet.
By William Tucker A North Korean defector has been sentenced to four years in prison for attempting to assassinate an anti-North Korean activist today. The court alleged that an individual identified only as An was paid by North Korea to use a poisoned needle to kill his target. An’s target was supposed to be Park Sang-hak, an activist known to fly balloons over the DMZ and into the North.
By William Tucker Azerbaijani authorities arrested two of its citizens on Wednesday for plotting to assassinate the Israeli ambassador to the country. One suspect is still at large and is believed to have fled to Iran. Local authorities stated that the three suspects had planned to strike the local Chabad house as well. Although this story didn’t get much international attention it is worthy to note that the Azerbaijani has accused Iran of terrorism in the past.
By William Tucker Two men on a motorcycle attached a magnetic bomb to the sedan of an Iranian nuclear scientist killing him and one of his passengers on Wednesday. This is the third assassination of an Iranian scientist involved with Iran’s nuclear program in the last year, and quite possibly, the fifth assassination since the covert campaign against Iran began.
By William Tucker Over the past few years I’ve written quite a bit on the different intelligence operations that have made their way into newsprint – particularly those that have occurred in the Middle East. The reason for covering these events relates to Iran’s nuclear program and the lack of any good military or diplomatic options for ending the threat.