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Azerbaijan Arrests More Iranian ‘Spies’

By William Tucker Authorities in Azerbaijan have recently released information related to the arrest of a further 22 Iranian spies. This is in addition to the two Azerbaijani citizens arrested for attempting to assassinate the Israeli ambassador in Baku. According to reports, these recently announced arrests actually took place from late January to late February. This coincides with the aforementioned assassination plot, however these individuals were reportedly taking orders from Tehran.

Azerbaijan Disrupts Terror Plot

By William Tucker Azerbaijani authorities arrested two of its citizens on Wednesday for plotting to assassinate the Israeli ambassador to the country. One suspect is still at large and is believed to have fled to Iran. Local authorities stated that the three suspects had planned to strike the local Chabad house as well. Although this story didn’t get much international attention it is worthy to note that the Azerbaijani has accused Iran of terrorism in the past.