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Chinese, Indian Leaders Discuss Border Dispute

By William Tucker

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Delhi today to discuss a range of economic issues, but it was the discussion of the shared/disputed border in Aksai Chin that was the most pressing. Just a few weeks ago, Chinese troops positioned along the Line of Control, the present boundary that separates the two nations, drove some 19 kilometers into Indian controlled Ladakh.

The Impact of the Arab Spring on the Hamas-Israeli Conflict

By William Tucker It is not uncommon for multiple ‘what if’ questions to arise in the midst of conflict, and while many can be easily answered or dismissed, the question of how the Arab Spring will impact the recent Israeli-Hamas bout deserves attention. To be sure, speculation is rife over how the regional changes will impact U.S. interests and other dynamics in the Middle East.

Regionalization and Spillover

By William Tucker In the last two days Syrian mortars have been fired into Golan prompting Israel to return fire. Also over the weekend the Syrian military carried out an airstrike on a rebel held village on the Syrian-Turkish border. These events have been used as evidence by international media that the Syrian civil war is spilling over into neighboring countries, and thus, is taking on a regional dimension.