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Egypt’s Military Backed Government Primed to Move Forward without Foreign Restraint

Brett Daniel Shehadey
Special Contributor for In Homeland Security

“The state of Egypt appreciates the efforts of friendly nations and understands the reasons why they did not achieve their desired objectives, and holds the Muslim Brotherhood full responsibility for the failure of these efforts,” said Interim President Adly Manour.

Despite Europe and America’s best efforts to bring the Muslim Brotherhood and the Military into a reconciliation process, Egyptian authorities are finished.

A Military Coup in Egypt

By William Tucker

After several days of mass protests, the Egyptian military first floated the idea of a roadmap to political transition, and then decided that President Morsi had to go. Naturally, Morsi was defiant and claimed, rightly so, that he was the democratically elected leader of Egypt and any attempt by the military to remove him from power was nothing short of a military coup.

The Battle for Mali Continues

By William Tucker Units of the Malian military that supported the coup launched a new assault on loyalist forces today, seizing control of an anti-junta military base in the capital. Many of the loyalist forces have fled Bamako after a new decree was issued calling for the arrest of the remaining forces still loyal to the ousted President. The fighting between pro-junta and loyalist forces has remained confined primarily to Bamako.

Militant Groups Gain Ground in Northern Mali

By William Tucker Two weeks ago I stated the military led coup against the Malian government did not bode well for counterterrorism operations in North Africa. That now seems to be an understatement. The head of the Malian junta, Captain Amadou Sanogo, ordered the military to back off fighting in the northern city of Gao for fear of endangering the civilians in the city.

Coup Underway in Mali

By William Tucker In an event that could seriously damage counterterrorism efforts in North Africa, Malian soldiers have mutinied and are now firing on the presidential palace. The recent unrest was sparked by a visit to a northern military base by the Minister of Defense. Malian soldiers have been fighting a Tuareg offensive in the north only to be constantly defeated. Government soldiers are complaining of inadequate training and weapons.