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Venezuela After Chavez

By William Tucker After an extended fight with cancer, Hugo Chavez, the long-time president of Venezuela, has died. The rumors regarding Chavez's health, where they originated, and how they impacted his governance no longer matter. Venezuela is now in the post-Chavez phase and this will bring a significant amount of uncertainty. Though vice president Nicolas Maduro - Chavez's hand picked successor - has spent the day laying the groundwork for the announcement.

Chavez Returns to Cuba

By William Tucker After declaring in May that he was cancer-free and with his recent reelection, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has returned to Cuba for further medical treatment. Venezuela has not released the reason for the treatment, but they have stated the type of treatment that Chavez will undergo. Unfortunately, the described procedures have many applications thus making it difficult to discern anything useful about the president’s health.

The Many Deaths of Fidel Castro

By William Tucker Late last week the Miami Herald ran a story claiming that Fidel Castro, the long time leader of Cuba, had suffered a massive stroke and was left in a vegetative state. The report quoted the same Venezuelan doctor, Jose Rafael Marquina, who had made inaccurate statements regarding Castro’s health in the past. As the title of this article would suggest, this is not the first time Fidel has been declared dead.

Deciphering Cuban and Iranian Influence in Venezuela

By William Tucker

Venezuela is typically a poor country in the best of times despite its oil reserves. The economic situation in the South American country declined significantly in the past year and the uncertainty over President Hugo Chavez’s health hasn’t helped. A lot of this has to do with how Chavez structured the nation’s political apparatus in the wake of the 2002 coup attempt.