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Panetta Talks Cyber Issues with Chinese, Experts See No Decline in Attacks Out of China

BEIJING (AP) — Despite several years of escalating diplomacy and warnings, the U.S. is making little headway in its efforts to tamp down aggressive Chinese cyberattacks against American companies and the government.

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who is wrapping up three days of meetings with military and civilian leaders, said he has brought the issue up at every session and come away with little more than agreements to talk again.

Teen Hacker in Poland Plays Trains and Derails City Tram System

The boy, described as a ‘genius’ and model student.

By Shelley Smith
Playing trains and derailing a city’s tram system for real is serious business and a 14-year-old Polish student, known as an electronic “genius” and a model student, did just that in the city of Lodz, Poland. The teenager turned the city of Lodz tram system into his own personal train set by using public library and open source information from the Internet and trespassing in tram depots to gather information needed to build a device made by modifying a TV remote control.