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For Syria’s Rebel’s, Aleppo Reveals a Larger Battle Strategy

By William Tucker A few days ago I posted an article on the impending battle for control of Aleppo. Fighting is fierce and contradicting reports are streaming from both the Assad regime and opposition forces. Perhaps equally interesting is opposition advances in other key parts of Syria. Since the fighting in Aleppo began, the rebels have made significant gains in portions of the country that could potentially trap a large portion of Assad's forces in the north of the country.

Syrian Rebels Strike Damascus

By William Tucker To start, it is important to note that the claims by opposition forces and the al-Assad regime concerning the fighting in Damascus cannot be verified; however we cannot ignore that fighting is indeed taking place. That by itself is a significant development in the Syrian saga. In the past few days and weeks, several high level defections have taken place raising the prospect of a ‘palace coup.'