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By Dr. Patricia Campbell
Assistant Provost at American Public University System

In 1993, the first post-colonial peaceful separation of two African states occurred when Eritrea seceded from Ethiopia.
By William Tucker A small contingent of dissident Eritrean soldiers seized control of the Ministry of Information in Asmara today and called for the release of political prisoners. Though there have been other reports of a larger coup attempt to unseat President Isaias Afwerki, along with the claimed killing of the Defense Minister and the Army chief of staff, there has been little in the way of confirmation.
By William Tucker Last week the U.S. Treasury Department designated six individuals for supporting the Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab. Among the six are two Eritrean intelligence officials who have a long track record of supporting terrorist movements in the horn of Africa. In the past, Asmara has steadfastly denied any accusation of supporting terrorism in general and al-Shabaab in particular.
By William Tucker Geopolitically speaking, there are certain areas around the globe that are prone to conflict. While it is true that conflict of any kind is ongoing, there is a short list of competing nation-state actors that gather more attention than other conflict prone areas. The reason being is that these competitions that are under wider scrutiny have a habit of turning into something more catastrophic.