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Bozize Loyalists Seize Bouca, Attack Rebels

By William Tucker
Chief Correspondent for In Homeland Security

In their first major military operation since Central African Republic president Bozize was toppled in March of this year, soldiers still loyal to the ousted president have began to strike back at the rebel movement that seized the capital earlier this year. Loyalist forces have seized the town of Bouca and the current government has accused the loyalists have attacking other villages and burning bridges near Muslim populations.

China’s Position on North Korea

By William Tucker

Washington has decided to postpone an intercontinental ballistic missile test at Vandenberg Air Force Base this week due to tensions with North Korea. It may seem a strange move considering the assets the U.S. had made available for the recent war games with South Korea, but it is logical. Any deployment of military hardware to South Korea that seemed out of the norm could easily be sent under the guise of the war games, but a ballistic missile test could easily be mistaken as an overt provocative measure.