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CIA, Syrian Intelligence and the Russian SVR: Competition for Syria

By Dr. Terry Simmons
In Homeland Security Guest Contributor

This is a critical examination of the tragic events unfolding in Syria as the last episode of a phenomenon known as the Arab Spring which has spread across North Africa and into Syria. The three intelligence agencies, the CIA, the Mukhabarat, and the SVR, of the United States, Syria, and the Russian Federation respectively, have served as covert conduits for their state and non-state patrons’ efforts to maximize political advantage in this intense struggle for Syria and contiguous regional geopolitical space.

Syrian Rebels Seize Airbase Outside Damascus

By William Tucker Syrian rebels claimed to have captured a helicopter base on the outskirts of Damascus on Sunday as the opposition movements continue in their fight to fully unseat the Assad regime. The first reports of the rebels taking the Marj al-Sultan base was reported by the UK based Syrian observatory for Human Rights which levied the claim based upon video footage. Later, the Associated Press claimed to have verified the report.

FSA Assassinates Syrian Air Force General

By William Tucker General Abdullah Mahmoud al-Khalidi of the Syrian air force was reportedly assassinated by the Free Syrian Army late Monday along with a ranking official in air force intelligence. The sources for this information are Syrian state television and the FSA. These killings occurred during the continued fighting across the country in spite of a recent ceasefire. Of course, a violation of the ceasefire was bound to happen.

Syrian Rebels Seize Military Base

By William Tucker Over the past weekend various Syrian opposition groups assaulted, and eventually seized, an air defense missile base on the outskirts of Aleppo. Initial reports of the battle were sketchy, but video released by the Free Syrian Army show that the base is indeed in opposition hands. Activists with connections to the opposition fighters in Syria claimed that aircraft belonging to the regime had bombed the advanced weapons that were lost.

Jihadists Bomb Syrian Air Force Intelligence HQ

By William Tucker Opposition forces in Syria have complicated the ability of regime to resupply its forces operating in the north of the country. Considering the massive amount of resources the Assad regime has poured into the fight for Aleppo, this is certainly problematic for the regime. Complicating matters further is the continuing assault by the opposition against the regime’s intelligence infrastructure. Earlier today, the jihadist movement al-Nursa Front, struck the Syrian Air Force intelligence headquarters.

Syrian Rebels Strike Military HQ in Damascus

By William Tucker Regime officials have finally confirmed a bombing at the staff command compound that killed four Syrian soldiers. The staff command compound is part of the larger military headquarters area located in Damascus. Shortly after the bombing firefights erupted throughout the city between the regime and rebel forces. How these battles have played out thus far is unknown.

Free Syrian Army Command Moves to Syria

By William Tucker On the 22nd of this month the Commander-in-Chief of the Free Syrian Army stated that the leadership of the group will move from Turkey into opposition controlled areas of Syria. The move may represent confidence that the opposition has in its ability to fight the Syrian regime, but it may also represent an attempt by the leadership council to bring the disparate elements of the Syrian opposition under a single command.

Syrian Ministers Killed in Damascus Bombing

By William Tucker A reported attack on the National Security building in Damascus has killed three top Syrian ministers and wounded several others. Unfortunately, none of the information surrounding the reported attack can be verified. Two groups did, however, claim responsibility for the attack – the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Lord of the Martyrs Brigade. State run media did confirm an attack took place.

Syrian Rebels Strike Damascus

By William Tucker To start, it is important to note that the claims by opposition forces and the al-Assad regime concerning the fighting in Damascus cannot be verified; however we cannot ignore that fighting is indeed taking place. That by itself is a significant development in the Syrian saga. In the past few days and weeks, several high level defections have taken place raising the prospect of a ‘palace coup.'