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Understanding the United Nations Responsibility to Protect Initiative

By Jacques Roussellier
Faculty Member, International Relations at American Public University

The NATO-led intervention in Libya has sharpened division among governments and experts on the actual interpretation and implementation of the 2005 United Nation’s responsibility to protect (R2P) initiative, particularly in light of procrastination with Syria, and one could add, northern Mali. The international military intervention in Libya has raised the issue of the relevance of R2P as a humanitarian intervention principle for regime change.

Gaddafi’s Forces Still Fighting in Libya

By William Tucker

Forces working on behalf of the National Transitional Council in Libya were ambushed in the northern town of Bani Walid resulting in the death of seven soldiers and the wounding of ten more. Other rebel forces were attacked near an oil refinery not far from the city of Ras Lanuf. Although the rebels have taken the capital of Tripoli, the possibility of a protracted insurgency by pro-Gaddafi forces has been looming large.

In Libya, the War Continues

By William Tucker

It has been several months since the war to oust Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi began in earnest with rebel forces from the east, back by NATO air support, pressing towards Tripoli. Although NATO support began with operations taken under a UN resolution to protect civilians from Gaddafi’s troops, the missions seems to have changed to direct support of the rebels as western nations formally recognized the NTC in Benghazi as the legitimate government of Libya.