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U.S. Stations Troops in Jordan

By William Tucker

The U.S. has decided to keep 900 troops in Jordan for added security due to the situation in the region. Violence in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq has undermined regional security throughout the Middle East and Jordan fears that it won’t remain immune much longer. Though some have speculated that the troop presence is a precursor to some form of direct intervention in the Syrian civil war, that doesn’t seem to be the case The mix of troops in Jordan would be sufficient for a very limited no-fly zone, however President Obama has expressed a continuing hesitance and skepticism about such a move.

‘Poland strengthening ties with Jordan, Arab region’

AMMAN — Bilateral ties between Poland and Middle Eastern countries, including Jordan, have become stronger after the Arab Spring, a Polish diplomat said on Thursday.

“The Arab Spring created a new climate in bilateral relations between Poland and the Arab states,” said Michal Murkocinski, director of the Africa and Middle East Department in the Polish ministry of foreign affairs.

U.S. Increases Military Presence in Jordan

By William Tucker U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that Washington had sent additional troops to the Jordan-Syria border to assist in the management of refugees and to monitor the status of Syria’s chemical weapons. The U.S. has had a troop presence in Jordan for some time and this additional deployment shouldn’t be construed as a build up towards military intervention in Syria.

Hamas Leaves Syria

By William Tucker The political leadership of Hamas has left Syria for Qatar and Egypt. According to Hamas, the group’s chief, Khaled Meshaal, has moved to Doha and his deputy, Moussa Abu Marzouk, is located in Cairo. This move by Hamas shows that the split between Syrian President Bashir Assad and the militant group is likely permanent. For Hamas, this wasn’t an easy choice.