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Al Shabaab Targets UN In Somalia Following Deadly Attacks In Kenya

By Kylie Bull
Managing Editor of Homeland Security Today
Special for In Homeland Security

The al-Qaida Somalia-based affiliate Al Shabaab, which has attracted radicalized Somalis from the U.S. and Western Europe to join its jihad, launched a terrorist attack in Mogadishu Dec. 3 that damaged a convoy of United Nations vehicles and killed and injured several Somali bystanders and security personnel.

Kenyan Navy Shells Somali Port

By William Tucker A spokesman for the Kenyan military stated that the navy had struck al-Shabaab positions in the Somali port city of Kismayo yesterday in anticipation of a wider assault. Kenya, along with Eithiopia and the African Union, have been engaged in an offensive against the al-Qaeda affiliated militant group for some time. While the loose coalition has made gains it has been slow going due to weather.

Nairobi Bomber Arrested in Tanzania

By William Tucker On May 28th, an explosion destroyed part of a shopping center in Nairobi, Kenya. Initially, local police believed the explosion was the result of an electrical fault, however later analysis showed that the explosion was a result of a deliberate attack. Kenyan police honed in on four suspects after the bombing and began circulating photos of the individual suspects. Today, police in Tanzania stated that they had a suspect in custody.

Kenya Worried Over Al-Shabaab Threats

By William Tucker When Kenyan forces invaded southern Somalia several months ago, the stated goal was to create a buffer to prevent al-Shabaab’s forces from launching attacks against Nairobi. Al-Shabaab, however, continues to threaten Kenya. In one statement an al-Shabaab spokesman threatened to knock down skyscrapers in Nairobi. Al-Shabaab does have the capability to carry out attacks beyond Somalia, but the scale would be much smaller than toppling large buildings.