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Hezbollah Targeted by Car Bomb

By William Tucker

Approximately 53 people were injured this morning when a car bomb detonated in Lebanon’s Beir el-Abed area – a well known Hezbollah stronghold. Though no claim of responsibility has been made, speculation in the media has pointed to Syrian rebels who are looking to retaliate against Hezbollah’s involvement in the Syrian civil war.

Iran’s Trouble with Syria

By William Tucker Since the inception of the Syrian uprising, IHS has discussed the international dimension of the conflict, but the initial posturing by regional and international powers, though discernible, was largely opaque. As the civil war has drug on the hand of foreign interlopers has become visible in the form of continuing support for the Assad regime from Russia and Iran, while many Arab and Western nations have provided support to the rebels.

Israel Reportedly Hits Multiple Targets in Syria

By William Tucker Multiple media reports on January 30th, 2013, stated that the Israeli air force had struck a convoy of missiles on the Syrian-Lebanese border. As the day went on other news outlets began reporting that the target was a fixed military facility near Damascus that was still under control of the Assad regime. It didn’t take long before speculation became mixed with unverified reports in this situation.