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Iran’s Trouble with Syria

By William Tucker Since the inception of the Syrian uprising, IHS has discussed the international dimension of the conflict, but the initial posturing by regional and international powers, though discernible, was largely opaque. As the civil war has drug on the hand of foreign interlopers has become visible in the form of continuing support for the Assad regime from Russia and Iran, while many Arab and Western nations have provided support to the rebels.

Israel Reportedly Hits Multiple Targets in Syria

By William Tucker Multiple media reports on January 30th, 2013, stated that the Israeli air force had struck a convoy of missiles on the Syrian-Lebanese border. As the day went on other news outlets began reporting that the target was a fixed military facility near Damascus that was still under control of the Assad regime. It didn’t take long before speculation became mixed with unverified reports in this situation.

Iran’s Access to the Sea

By William Tucker Presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has stated on several occasions that, “Syria is the route that allows Iran to supply Hezbollah with weapons in Lebanon. Syria is Iran’s route to the sea.” This statement has been met with confusion among many political watchers. On their website the Washington Post even responded by calling it “weird.”

U.S. Seizes Hezbollah Funds

By William Tucker The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency filed a lawsuit against the Lebanese Canadian Bank in December 2011 following allegations that the bank was laundering money for Hezbollah. The Lebanese terrorist group was using the banks to hide proceeds from drug trafficking and the sales of U.S. manufactured vehicles in Western Africa. Eventually the money made its way to Lebanon and was used to support the group’s activities.

Syrian Forces Launch Large Attack on Homs

By William Tucker Military forces loyal to the Syrian regime launched a massive attack against the city of Homs. Raw video posted to the internet shows artillery being used in the city, but what exactly is being targeted is unclear. At this juncture, however, it is unlikely that the regime is concerned with protecting civilians trapped inside the target area. The call by the UN to withdraw heavy artillery from the cities has been ignored.

Roadside Bomb hits UN Peacekeepers in Lebanon

By William Tucker

Five French Peacekeepers were wounded yesterday in Southern Lebanon when a roadside bomb detonated near their vehicle. Forensic experts from UNIFIL are investigating the attack along with members of the Lebanese military. This is the second such attack on Peacekeepers in Lebanon since it was revealed that several members of Hezbollah were indicted for their participation in the assassination for former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

Nakba Day Gets Violent

On May 15, Palestinian protesters gathered at two border crossings and two international boundaries with Israel. It was at the borders with Syria and Lebanon where protesters breached the fenced areas that represent the border and began to pour into the Golan Heights and other areas in the north.