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MUJAO Launches Attacks in Niger

By William Tucker

Mujao, a North African terrorist movement, executed two attacks in Niger today. One attack in Agadez targeted a military barracks with a vehicle bomb ultimately killing 19. According to government statements, four of the five attackers involved in the Agadez attack are dead and the remaining individual is holding several military officers hostage.

UN Considering a Peacekeeping Force in Mali

By William Tucker As the French led intervention force in Mali advanced on militant positions in the north of the African country, politicians in Paris were looking for a way to draw down forces and allow for Bamako to reclaim it’s territory. Though the French weren’t alone in the intervention, there is a desire for a peacekeeping force to replace the small coalition that has been in the fight.

US/UK Increasing Presence in West Africa

By William Tucker The U.S. has been active in North Africa for quite some time – much of it related to the war on terror and the ensuing chaos in Libya – but the superpower has not yet managed to establish a significant, permanent presence. Currently, many U.S. operations are run from Djibouti and assorted forward operating bases scattered across the continent.