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Al-Qaeda Takes Credit for Iraqi Jailbreak

By William Tucker

Media reports on yesterday’s jailbreak at Abu Ghraib were scant on details, but we now know that the al-Qaeda branch Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has issued a statement today taking credit for the attack. Initial reports from the Iraqi government stated that no prisoners had escaped, however they amended that statement by saying some had indeed left custody.

Egyptian Military in the Sinai

By William Tucker
Chief Correspondent for In Homeland Security

Increasing Egyptian security forces in the Sinai due to increased violence may have already netted some results, but militants seem undeterred. State media recently reported that security forces have killed ten militants around the north Sinai city of El-Arish, while another two alleged members of al-Qaeda in the Sinai were arrested elsewhere.

Exploring the “Hizbullah Cavalcade”

By William Tucker

Here is an excellent article by Phillip Smyth discussing his latest Hizballah Cavalcade project for Jihadology. The article covers the pro-Assad Liwa’a Abu Fadl al-Abbas groups and contains numerous pictures and a few videos. At stake is not only the future of Syria, but the influence of Iran in the wider Middle East.

Syria’s Hunger Games

By Phillip Smyth, guest contributor “Radical Islamist groups like [Jabhat] al-Nusra are already using targeted food distribution as a tool to curry favor with local populations, thus increasing their stakes in a post-Assad Syria.” – Phillip Smyth An intrinsic component of Syria’s ongoing civil war, the control and distribution of food is becoming a multi-faceted strategic tool used not only to punish foes but also to build patronage.

Libya Suffers Massive Prison Break

By William Tucker Media outlets are reporting that some 120 inmates of the al-Judaida prison in Tripoli escaped yesterday. Details of how the escape happened have not been publically released, but suspicion has fallen on a mix of causes including insufficient security and rampant militancy. Libyan officials did say that half of those who escaped have been recaptured, though. The nationality and ethnicity of the al-Judaida prison inmates is quite diverse.

The Ethiopian Incursion into Eritrea

By William Tucker Geopolitically speaking, there are certain areas around the globe that are prone to conflict. While it is true that conflict of any kind is ongoing, there is a short list of competing nation-state actors that gather more attention than other conflict prone areas. The reason being is that these competitions that are under wider scrutiny have a habit of turning into something more catastrophic.