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CIA, Syrian Intelligence and the Russian SVR: Competition for Syria

By Dr. Terry Simmons
In Homeland Security Guest Contributor

This is a critical examination of the tragic events unfolding in Syria as the last episode of a phenomenon known as the Arab Spring which has spread across North Africa and into Syria. The three intelligence agencies, the CIA, the Mukhabarat, and the SVR, of the United States, Syria, and the Russian Federation respectively, have served as covert conduits for their state and non-state patrons’ efforts to maximize political advantage in this intense struggle for Syria and contiguous regional geopolitical space.

MUJAO Launches Attacks in Niger

By William Tucker

Mujao, a North African terrorist movement, executed two attacks in Niger today. One attack in Agadez targeted a military barracks with a vehicle bomb ultimately killing 19. According to government statements, four of the five attackers involved in the Agadez attack are dead and the remaining individual is holding several military officers hostage.

US/UK Increasing Presence in West Africa

By William Tucker The U.S. has been active in North Africa for quite some time – much of it related to the war on terror and the ensuing chaos in Libya – but the superpower has not yet managed to establish a significant, permanent presence. Currently, many U.S. operations are run from Djibouti and assorted forward operating bases scattered across the continent.

Libya Closes its Southern Borders

By William Tucker In an attempt to stem the flow of people illegally transiting Libyan territory and the rather robust black market activities, the Parliament in Tripoli has ordered the borders with Sudan, Chad, Niger, and Algeria to be temporarily closed. Furthermore, the southern regions of Ghadames, Ghat, Obari, Al-Shati, Sebha, Murzuq and Kufra would be "considered as closed military zones to be ruled under emergency law."