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Pro-Morsi Protest Camps Violently Cleared in Egypt

By William Tucker
Chief Correspondent for In Homeland Security

Egypt’s interim Prime Minister Hazem Beblawi said that “Today was a difficult day.” Quite frankly, this has to be the most profound understatement of the day. Though the Egyptian military and police did state that the clearing of the protests sites would happen, the loss of life today is rather high.

Egyptian Military on the Move

Brett Daniel Shehadey
Special Contributor for In Homeland Security

Egyptian nationalist and Islamist political division has reached a boiling point. Millions of protestors have demanded the resignation, reform or removal of President Mohamed Morsi. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) demanded that Morsi resign or be removed within 48 hours. The deadline has passed.

New Unrest in China’s Xinjiang Province

By William Tucker Chinese state media outlet Xinhua is reporting that rioting near the city of Kashgar has left ten people dead. The report states that police killed two of the rioters and are searching for two other instigators. As of this writing there has been no word as to what sparked this recent unrest, but Xinjiang has long been a problematic province for Beijing.

Another Self-Immolation in China Highlights Many Underlying Problems

By William Tucker Two Tibetan monks have set themselves on fire, a practice known as ‘self-immolation,’ to protest Chinese policies over the past two days. These two acts take the number of self-immolations by Tibetan monks to 15 over the last year. As is typically the case, larger protests break out shortly after these acts occur. In this most recent case, Beijing has agreed to allow the protests to take place.