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A Surge in UAV Strikes in Yemen

By William Tucker
Chief Correspondent for In Homeland Security

Three suspected U.S. UAV strikes have taken in place in Yemen today reportedly killing 12 militants. UAV strikes can be fluid events and the death toll may rise among those currently reported as injured. The U.S. has taken a more aggressive counterterrorism role in Yemen with UAV strike having tripled since 2011.

After Hiatus, U.S. Resumes UAV Strikes in Pakistan

By William Tucker

A suspected U.S. UAV strike hit a house in Chashma, a village near Miramshah, Pakistan today killing seven and wounding several others. Reports have emerged that Tehrik-e-Taliban (TTP), also known as the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan, deputy chief Waliur Rehman was killed in the strike, however neither the U.S., Pakistan, nor the TTP have confirmed this.

Israelis Shoot Down Foreign UAV

By William Tucker The Israeli Air Force shot down an unmanned aircraft that entered Israeli airspace from the Mediterranean on Saturday. According to the IAF, the UAV was monitored and followed by fighter aircraft until it was shot down over a sparsely populated area. Despite media reports and claims by some Israeli politicians, the military has not confirmed the source of the UAV.

Targeted Killing – The Bleak Future of Expedited Justice

By Jason Smeltzer Tuesdays are a relatively benign day of the week for most people in the United States. However, Tuesdays mark the President's weekly counterterrorism meetings and his review of the infamous kill list. Ending up on the list is equivalent to an immediate death sentence. The policy that governs the list is of course classified, but there have been several publications on the subject.

U.S. Drones Return to Yemen

By William Tucker According to local reports, 11 people were killed in an airstrike near Lawdar, Yemen in Abyan province. One tribal leader speaking to Reuters claimed that four of the deceased were leaders of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). The same individual speculated that the airstrike was carried out by an unmanned U.S. aircraft. There is no independent confirmation of the identities of those killed at this time.