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U.S. Offers Reward for Kony, Other War Criminals


By William Tucker

The U.S. State Department War Crimes Rewards Program is offering a five million dollar reward for information leading to the arrest, transfer, or conviction of the Lord’s Resistance Army leaders Joseph Kony, Okot Odhiambo, and Dominic Ongwen. U.S. Army Special Forces have been in Africa assisting in the search for Kony and his remaining lieutenants, but recent developments in the Central African Republic have affected the operation. So much so that Uganda has called off the search for Kony in CAR and South Africa is beginning to withdraw its troops from the country. Frequent government instability in CAR coupled with the difficult terrain in the south of the country make searching for a small band of militants difficult in the best of times. Now that the Seleka rebels have executed a successful coup, future operations are likely to be few and far between.